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The secret to starting a new job

Starting a new job is always stressful: a new environment, new people, new responsibilities, etc.  But there is always a way to kick-off a job with success and can help you do it!


New colleagues

A new job means a new environmentJust keep in mind that just like you at some point they were the new guy too so they know what you are experiencing. Interacting with your new colleagues is the best way to be accepted and to feel comfortable in your new job. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to start the conversation that will show them that you are willing to blend in and your new boss will notice your abilities to adapt in new situations.
Lunch break is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and to ask about them. That way you will get to know each other. This is important because establishing a good relationship with co-workers enables to work in a pleasant environment and, in consequence, you will feel more at ease to do your job correctly. 




A new position automatically implies new responsibilities but it is impossible to know everything from Day 1. Asking questions is not a sign of weakness but more a proof that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Having difficulties when doing something new is perfectly normal and no one will blame you for asking questions. Gradually you will learn to accomplish these tasks by yourself and no longer need supervision. Then you will be thankfull you were smart enough to ask for advice.



taking initiatives and being proactive is important Being proactive

It is always positive to impress your new boss but there are several ways to do it. When he/she hired you, the employer probably excepted from you to be innovative and to take initiatives. You do need to speak up, your ideas are as important as the ones of anyone else.

Commitment is genuinely appreciated in a company. Offering help is better than waiting for people to tell you what to do. Moreover you will appear as dynamic and enthusiastic. Various qualities and actions can demonstrate your professionalism toward the job such as punctuality or attention to the details.




A good organisation is another way to impress your superior. This will allow you to get the job done on time. A boss will easily be satisfied with someone who meets deadlines. Plus someone who knows how to prioritize his work always is a valuable asset in a company and you will save time and energy. Everybody benefits from it!
A good organization of the workspace is imperative as well to increase efficiency and prevent time loss.


Thanks to the team of you can now relax and consider your first day as a complete success! 


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