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Things you should not say during a job interview


It is important to prepare for a job interview so you know what to say but it is also necessary to know that there are things you should absolutely avoid saying.  

1. Don’t bite the hand that fed you 

This may be common sense but if the interviewer asks about your last job it is important not to criticize you former boss or workplace. Doing so would give a bad image of you to a new possible employer and you don’t want to be categorized as someone with a negative mindset after just one meeting. If you don’t know what to say you can always tell that the reason you are applying for an other job is because you wanted a new challenge. 


2. Don’t tell about your personal life 

You also need to show employers that you can separate your professional life from your private life. The aim of an interview is to give him a good image to the boss because you want him to remember you for your qualities, not because you can't stop talking about irrelevant stuff. So keep your exciting social life for Facebook and be straight to the point about why you should be hired. The last thing you want is to bore him by talking too much. 

stop talking

3. Don’t miss the chance to talk

It is true that talking too much won’t be a good idea but not talking enough either. It is why it is important to prepare an interview for each job, by checking the company website for instance. That way you won’t run out of thing to say. At the end of the interview the employer will almost automatically ask if you have a question for him and it is important that you do! But again be careful what you ask him, there are subjects to avoid.


4. Avoid money talk

Money is THE subject you should avoid if possible during an interview. Do not ask about your salary or the interviewer will think that your only motivation is money and he will see you as someone who won’t entirely be devoted to the job.  

money talk

5. Avoid self-centred questions

You should probably ask something about the company not about yourself. Asking about extra-legal advantages or days off will make you look shallow in the eye of the boss. 


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