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This is not a Job Day! It's AperOdoo

How does Odoo recruit ?

At Odoo, we like to do things differently. That’s the reason why we are organizing the AperOdoo every 3 to 4 months. We think that to find new amazing colleagues, we have to discover Odoomake sure they are going to feel good in the company, like the job, match well with the colleague and fit the values. We know that the biggest assets for the company is to have happy people working in it.

In order to achieve that purpose, we thought a drink could be a nice opportunity for applicants. During that moment, they can discuss with people from every department to understand fully each positions within the company and find the one that match the most their personality and their own objectives.  It’s also a good way to have a sneak peek of the atmosphere at Odoo and within the teams.

We want to give the opportunity to candidates to feel free to speak and to ask as many questions as they want to our employees or discuss directly to the managers in an informal way. The goal is to decrease as much as possible the stress that an applicant could have during the hiring process to get to know them better. We value a lot that people can be themselves.

During those events, we also give a short presentation of what is the company doing, and where we want to go in the future. We are very proud of our apps and we always like to share that excitement. Everyone at Odoo share the responsibility to move forward and help Odoo to become a bit better every days. That’s why we value so much the people working in the company and the reason why we pay so much attention to the recruitment (the story start there). Without all those people, nothing would be possible.

If you want joins us, feel free to come to our AperOdoo. The next one take place the 22th of june in our Office in Brussels. You don’t need to bring anything beside your CV. It’s a completely free event (drinks, entrance,....). To register, you just have to attend the Facebook event here:

Do not hesitate to watch our short video to have a better idea of the event!


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