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What if I started my career with an internship at Nestlé?

For many students, internships are an integral part of their studies and it is even essential that they can put into practice all the lessons learned in the classroom. Internships offer an added value to the student, and allow her/him to familiarize herself/himself with the world of work.

Finding a first job is often a difficult task. How can you build experience? You can add on your CV the experience acquired during any internship(s) in order to help to make a productive entry into the world of work. Complementing your studies with an experience in a company could be a real plus in terms of learning. The internship may be the solution to find your answers.

Field experience at Nestlé after graduation

This may seem obvious, but practical experience is fundamental in the professional world in order to launch your career. An internship allows you to get introduced to the environment in which you will work in the future and also gives the chance to better define what you want. During the internship, the student or young graduate learn how a company works from the inside. Starting as an intern in a company gives the opportunity to learn and develop some skills during six months, an experience that can be key for an early career.

Discover yourself as a professional at Nestlé

An internship at Nestlé is a unique experience to learn more about yourself and the person you are in the workplace. You will learn more about your strengths and what you can bring to the team. You will get to know yourself and be able to identify areas for improvement. You will also benefit from a positive working environment, supervised by real professionals on a daily basis. An internship in a company will help find answers to many questions.

From graduation to the world of work, the transition is perfect...

Throughout the internship period, you will discover yourself and get involved in a project with passion. Making a good impression, expanding your network, gaining experience and carrying out a project will make you proud and your colleagues will most certainly recognize this work. In addition, if an opportunity arises, the intern can even move to Nestlé over the long term, as is the case with many employees. And at the end, you will have gained work experience and developed your network, which can be a key point when looking for a job after the internship.

Discover Nestlé

As a member of Nestlé, the youngster will discover a company with a strong identity and a true corporate culture. At Nestlé, all employees can visit the Nestlé shop for a shopping break. At Nestlé, we also believe that pets and people are better together. Therefore, our Purina brand has established a “Pets at Work Program” in the office. Nestlé is a pet friendly company. Bringing dogs to work has multiple benefits for pets as well as for our colleagues at work. Nestlé is also known for its coffee brands (Nespresso, Nescafé, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Starbucks…). In our offices, on each floor, a coffee corner welcomes colleagues to relax or even to have a meeting of the highest importance.

As a food and beverages company, Nestlé’s purpose is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future. We have three ambitions to help us do this: for individuals and families, for our communities and for the planet. As an example for the communities, and through our volunteering program, each employee in the company can donate her/his time and talents to activities focused on supporting our neighborhoods and help partner associations.

At Nestlé, we never miss an opportunity to get together for a big meal on special occasions.

More than just an internship, it is a life experience!

At Nestlé, we offer young people the opportunity to benefit from a first experience of 6 months in a paid internship that interests both last year students and young graduates.

An internship in a company has therefore mainly advantages, and perfectly complements your studies. You will find, below, more details about the opportunities available at Nestlé. Internships at Nestlé take 6 months and are paid. If you are looking for a first experience in the professional world and think you are made for Nestlé, don't hesitate any longer.

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