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Where to do my Advanced Master and how to apply successfully?

Where can you do an Advanced Master? How to apply successfully for a business school? Let us help you!

Where to do my Advanced Master?

A good tip to get the full experience of doing an Advanced Master, is to do one outside your own country. It’s an interesting opportunity to get to know new cultures and habits, to expand your international career prospects and etc. Most students choose to do an Advanced Master outside their own country, e.g. Europe is very popular. 

There is an increasing number of European business schools that are rising in the Financial Times rankings. If you choose to do a full-time Advanced Master in one of the European business schools who are high on this ranking, it gives you something extra than just a new line on your resume. It’s a professional ID to what you want to do all over the world. The number of applications for European business schools has increased enormously. 

Curious about business schools – who are highly ranked according to Financial Times – that offer an Advanced Master in Belgium, Europe or in another continent? Come to our Fall Fair in Antwerp (19/11), Leuven (20/11), Brussels (21/11) and Ghent (22/11), and meet the representatives of each school. Check them out at our Facebook page MY BSand sign up to get an one-on-one interview with them. Can’t wait to know which schools attend to the fair? Take a look at the list below!

Business School Rank
IE Ranked 3rd
University of St. Gallen Ranked 4th
University of Bocconi Ranked 6th
ESADE Ranked 8th
ESCP Ranked 13th
EDHEC Ranked 14th
Vlerick Ranked 19th
Catolica Lisbon Ranked 26th
AMS Ranked 42nd
Hult Business School Ranked 50th
Solvay Ranked 53rd
SKEMA Ranked 58th
IESEG Ranked 61st

Source: Financial Times Ranking 2017 – European Business School

Tips and tricks to apply successfully

  1. It’s good to know and think about what you would like to do and where you would like to work, e.g. which companies, which industries, which position etc. The Advanced Master you choose, makes a contribution to your work-life after you graduated. 
  2. If you already started an Advanced Master, you still have to do a self-reflection. You must always keep the goal in mind during your study.
  3. What business schools really want, is that you talk about what motivates you in life, what motivates you to do an Advanced Master etc. They want to know who you are, not just your professional experiences and academic excellence. They are going to ask you a lot of questions to get to know you. After those questions they will ask things about how the school can help in your professional goals etc. If you can answer those questions well, it shows that you are mature and have good self-awareness and they are going to invite you for an interview.

To resume

So begin with your self-reflection. Think about questions they can ask about yourself, your motivation, what the school can add to your professional goals etc. You have to answer it as honest as possible. Be creative and distinctive when you write your application. If you can generate interest, you’ll get an interview with the admissions committee.

Fall Fair 2018

Would you like to have more information about how to apply for an Advanced Master? Come to the MYBS Fall Fair and meet the representatives of each European Business School in Antwerp (19/11), Leuven (20/11), Brussels (21/11) and Ghent (22/11). Check the Facebook page MYBS to see which school participates on which fair. 

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