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Work in sports

It is often thought that if you want a career in sports you need to be a great athlete but this assumption is wrong ! there are many ways to work in this sector without necessarily being great at practicing it.

A career in sports

According to Studyrama, the number of people working in sports has increased by 40% in the last 10 years so don’t think of sport as a private circle, everybody can have the opportunity to work in this field.
Indeed, a large number of companies from different sectors are related to this world, from associations to sports clubs. These companies hire in every department possible, for instance the Royal Belgian Football Association also has a HR or an IT department and they very often post job offers. There are also jobs directly related to the sport sphere in journalism or medicine for example. So if sport is a passion for you, visit the website of the companies or organisations you like to check if they have job offers!

Sports events create a lot of jobs

Euro 2016For every single sport event there are new job opportunities being created. Let’s take an example from football again since these type of events generate a great load of money and employment. The UEFA has created a great number of jobs for its upcoming competition, the Euro 2016. A major tournament like this one requires a lot of employees for all kinds of functions. Of course these jobs are limited in time but they usually are a great way to gain a first experience in a sector you love!

If you want to check all the open positions for the Euro 2016 follow this link.

Sport jobs for students

Maybe some of you are big sports fan but do not imagine a whole career in this field, in that case you can also think about a student job related to sports. On you can often find jobs related to sports. The companies are very often looking for students who love sport to work with them. 

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