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Working at a Start-up

After graduation many questions come to mind and one of them is: Should I be working at a big company or I am made to work in a small team? Indeed, some of you may already know it they want a corporate job or on the contrary, if they want to work at a start-up.
For those of you who have not made a choice yet, will explain what it is like to work in a start-up.


First, don’t think that you will work at the same place all your life

Very rare are those you spend their entire career working for the same employer. So do not freak out if you haven’t made a choice yet, you may consider a start-up as a first experience because indeed, it is a very great possibility to develop your skills. 


Start-ups are for multitaskers

Big companies have a tendency to categorize their departments and they almost never overlap while start-ups usually do not have separate departments so the range of functions for employees is wider. This means that someone from the marketing department in a big company will only take care of marketing while someone working at a start-up will be more like a Jack-of-all-trades.

Therefore if you really want to work in a specific field you might prefer a corporate job where your tasks will be determined but if you cannot stand being limited and want to be able to diversify, the best choice is probably a small company.


The work environment is different

The relationship with your colleagues is different in a start-up, where you are able to be closer and in a big company, where there are more employee. In a start-up, people have more time to dedicate to each other. For instance, your boss will probably have more time to spend on your formation if he does not have a hundred other employees. This is something to think about before choosing a career path. 


The pursuit of success

The responsibilities also are different for people working at a start-up and people working in a big company. a simple example could be their relation to money. In a start-up, the employers are very often short on money (or at least they do not have expandable finances) so they cannot take to much risks, so if you decide to work in a start-up you will have to learn how to balance risk before taking any decision.

However, success is much more satisfying for start-up workers because it requires more implication. Big companies are usually well in place and success is a norm while small companies have success as a goal since they start from scratch.


Start-ups on GraduAid

GraduAid is entirely free unlike many other jobboards, this means that companies who do not have the finances to post job offers elsewhere can do it on GraduAid. Therefore, many start-ups willing to hire new graduates have vacancies on our website. It is also intersting to mention that on GraduAid you can search for jobs by choosing the type of company you want (start-up, large companies, non-profit organizations, ...)
Here are some examples of start-up on GraduAid:

PickMeUp-logoRealo-logoShowpad-logoQuamotion-logomy micro invest


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