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appartement close to the university of Antwerp, sharing with one girl

Italiëlei 195, 2060 Antwerpen

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Rent 330 €
Charges 50 €


Hey I'm a product development student who is going on Erasmus in the autumn semester of 2018. Therefore I'm looking for someone who would want to rent my room for this semester. Another Erasmus student would be handy.
Now about the apartment. I share the +-80m² apartment with one of my best friends. She is an open-minded, cheery writer who will be in her second year of TFL (theatre, film and literature). She is also very fluent in English.
You would have your own room but the rest of the flat will be shared with her. We usually don’t sit in our room alone but are together in the living room and eat together at night, so if you are someone who likes company this might be perfect. But if you like being alone more, we have a rule that if you are in your room the other person won’t disturb you, so you can always have your alone time.
Our apartment is about 10 minutes away from most of the campuses of the university of Antwerp, and therefore also less than 10 minutes away from cosy bars and the nightlife. The station is also a 10 minute walk away.
My room will also keep all its furniture so you would already have a bed, desk, clothing rack and shelves. I think my room is about 8m², but because I don’t have a lot of furniture in there it is definitely big enough.
So if you are a nice, cheery and semi clean person who wants to live in Antwerp for a semester, we would love to hear from you!

Rent & Charges include

Internet Cleaning Gas & electricity Water


Furnished Private bathroom Private kitchen Terrace Garden

General information

Accommodation type Apartment
Total available rooms 1
Availability 1st semester (September to January)
Condition Perfect
Floor 2

Location of accommodation