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Centraal gelegen kot in Naamsestraat

Naamsestraat 79, 3000 Leuven

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Rent 290 €
Charges 50 €


Verschillende kamers vrij bij in Le Kot - Naamsestraat 79 (tegenover STUK): met gedeeld sanitair vanaf 290€/m en met eigen sanitair vanaf 345€/m,
Gem kosten 590€/jaar
Meer info zie

Different rooms available at Le Kot - Naamsestraat 79 (in front of STUK)
With own and with shared bathroom, duplex with shared bathroom

Common costs 590€/year
more info see

Rent & Charges include

Internet Cleaning Gas & electricity Water


Furnished Private bathroom Private kitchen Terrace Garden

General information

Accommodation type Homestay
Total available rooms 5
Availability 12 months (September to August)
Condition New/Renewed
Floor 1

Location of accommodation

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