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NEW luxury room overlooking the PARK 1/9/2018

Alfons Wellensstraat 35, 2610 Wilrijk

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Rent 430 €
Charges 40 €


Are you looking for a completely new student room with a lot of light, in a quiet neighborhood overlooking the PARK, then this is the right place.

All facilities are available, all the plumbing is individual. There are parquet floors with sound/thermal isolation. Realization is according to latest techniques. There is design furniture of vitra, tecno , bulo , flamant, woodwork.

Internetconnection is included; cable in every room. TV possible. The rooms meet current standards of energy and fire safety. They are 18m2 and cost €420,00. €50,00 for personal gas/water/electricity.

Public transport is at the corner, there is free streetparking without resident card and an indoor bicycle place. It is in the Alfons Wellensstraat over the park, located near UA Campus drie eiken, Groenenborger, UZA , Middelheim, Ieperman . You can contact me by mail or phone for an appointment.

Rent & Charges include

Internet Cleaning Gas & electricity Water


Furnished Private bathroom Private kitchen Terrace Garden

General information

Accommodation type Homestay
Total available rooms 2
Availability Other
Condition Perfect
Floor 1

Location of accommodation