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Pretty new studio next to the forest and near the direct tram to the Center

avenue centrale 3, 1950 Brussels (Kraainem)

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Rent 600 €
Charges 50 €


Pretty new studio next to the forest and near the direct tram to the Center
In a renovated house , 40m2 studio with separate entrance , private shower and WC , TV, wifi. completely furnished. Ideal for part time worker near in/near Brussels or student.
Location : Direct tramway to the center @ 400 meters (20 minutes)
The studio is near the forest (200 meters) in a natural zone and with a fast connexion to the airport (12min)
For those who likes to be connected to nature but also the city.
Free and easy parking space

Rent & Charges include

Internet Cleaning Gas & electricity Water


Furnished Private bathroom Private kitchen Terrace Garden

General information

Accommodation type Individual room / Studio
Total available rooms 1
Availability 12 months (September to August)
Condition New/Renewed
Floor 0

Location of accommodation