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Light2business is looking for a Content creators

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Description de l'entreprise

Startup company: Light2Business


 The general vision behind the company is to provide good and structured information that everyone can use and inspire people to learn what they will need in life. Knowledge is power, and by freeing knowledge to everyone we can empower those that really need it non dependant on financial status.


Eventually we would like to cover topics from science to philosophy. As we are only at the beginning of this adventure we can not cover all these topics yet. As this is a young company we got to stick with the topic business to test the idea.



Description de la fonction

What could you do to develop the test version of the website?


Real short, we need initial content creators.


To build the test version of the website we would like to have some content written already to provide value to those who seek it. Our goal is to have around 40 documents ready once we launch the test version on the internet. This information will be structured in a tree like structure to provide the reader a good overview of what is to be learned for a full understanding of the topic.


List of documents to be written:




Company vision

Brand identity



Sales knowledge (general)

Basic business knowledge


Buyer research



E-mail marketing

Online marketing general strategy

Offline marketing (general)


Social based skills

Social based skills (general)

Active listening

Objection handling

Negotiation skills

Collaboration skills




Entrepreneurship (general)


Entrepreneurial finance





If you are interested in writing a certain document there are some conditions to be suitable.


You need to have at least some history that would prove your understanding in the topic you want to write. A degree, work experience, or some other prove that seems suitable for you ( ex: knowledge that you are still expanding).


Motivation to write the best document to your understanding


The knowledge you write down can also be researched online to give the readers a full picture of the topic’s contents.


Nous offrons

Each document written will earn you 50 euro flat fee once finished. (is negotiable)

And a passive income depending on how well your document performs on the website.

See it as an investment, once the website grows the passive income profits will grow along.

(Contact us for more information on the passive income side of learnings.)


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