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Swift and charming service staff

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Description de l'entreprise

Dogma opened it’s doors on the 21th of december 2013 and there have been great drinks and laughter ever since. 
We pride ourselves on making worldclass drinks from a menu which is a blent of classics, perfectly executed Tiki’s and signature drinks. 
All drinks are given to you in a retro industrial surrounding soaked in sex & rock ’n roll.

Description de la fonction

Dogma is booming!
We need a team that is bigger, stronger, faster. 

Currently we are looking for 2 or 3 extras who could strengthen our team. We need someone with an interest in cocktails, the roaring twenties, customer service and the nightlife scene. Your job would be to deliver an impeccable experience to our clients, worthy of the drinks they'd be drinking. 

Experience is not neccesary, hard work, a keen mind and enthousiasm is.

Nous offrons

Working hours would be in the evening. We need people mostly in the weekend (fri-sat-sun) but also on wednesday and thursday we can use an extra workpower. Send your resume and come by to chat things over on wednesday or thursday around 5PM.

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