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Description de l'entreprise

Quality improvement and cost savings are of great importance in healthcare in general and in ophthalmic surgery in particular.

Hospitals, more than ever, have to face the challenge of working profitably and obtaining optimum quality at the same time. 

In a changing world, we believe there are new ways that will allow to facilitate work of all stakeholders involved, allowing a higher pharmaeconomic value.

HASA Optix Belgium exists to develop the products that will offer all stakeholders involved in ophtalmic surgery (surgeons, nurses, hospitals and patients) sustainable solutions contributing to a better cost controlled work environment for an increased quality of care.

Additionally, cataracts being a leading cause of blindness in the world, according to the World Health Organization, we want to contribute to programs helping patients who can’t afford a cataract operation to be cured.


Description de la fonction

We are looking for a student with a deep knowledge of ZOHO ERP System in general and ZOHO Inventory Management in particular to help us adapt/customize the softaware to our company needs.

Profil recherché

IT - Computer Science - Business Admin with knowledge of ZOHO ERP

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