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ORMIT & Brussels Airport Company - Management Traineeship

Description de l'entreprise

ORMIT is an independent company with offices in Brussels and De Bilt (NL) and is the actual leader in talent and leadership development. We cooperate with renowned international enterprises providing young talent the opportunity to develop their personal leadership skills. With professional experience, coaching, training and intervision, ORMIT offers its effective approach and unique concept.

Description de la fonction

Give wings to your career

Brussels Airport, the booming heart of Europe and our economy. Where passengers shop, eat and board. Where packages fly in and out. Every year, 25 million passengers and 500.000 ton freight pass through the airport. Hard to visualise, isn’t it? Still air traffic continues to grow, even faster than the rest of the economy. Mix that with the digital revolution, big data and our ecological footprint, and you have a big challenge on your hands. That’s where you fly in. To help turn huge ambitions into reality. All while you grow as a person and become a future leader. Ready to join the crew?​

What are you checking in for? 

A 24-month trip gearing up to a management role at Brussel Airport Company. You will discover different departments all while realizing impactful projects. You will learn how to connect people, manage processes and expand your view on how to do things at an airport. During you traineeship you will work on different strategic and/or project management assignments like for example: ​

  • Implementing a new passenger flow
  • Analysing resource plannings for the future 
  • Designing a loyalty program
  • Relecting on a new delivery service
  • Creating a strategy for hotels near the airport 
  • Creating or update a master plan for the airport
  • Designing and implementing processes and tools
  • Leading projects to improve trust and culture in departments
  • ...

Profil recherché

What’s the journey like? 

To go for a unique traineeship experience, Brussels Airport Company teamed up with ORMIT. And ORMIT traineeships are all about you discovering the real you, fast. With personal coaches and training. So you can create impact while on the job and expand your comfort zone. 


  • Learn by doing 

24 months filled with challenging projects at Brussels Airport Company will take you out of your comfort zone. After every project, you will be assessed, and we will review your progress.


  • Learn by training

More than 20 days of training on leadership and organizational skills, self-knowledge and interaction with others organized by ORMIT. Training that you can put right into practice.


  • Learn from others

Peer coaching, brainstorm sessions, your own personal coach, giving and receiving feedback… The ORMIT way to reach a higher altitude. 


  • After 24 months

In the end you know what really makes you tick. You will come to the end of the map you drew with ORMIT and BAC. Of your path to a management job at Brussels Airport Company. ​

This could be you because ...

  • you have a master’s degree
  • with a max of 3 years work experience
  • you are native Dutch or French (with moderate knowledge of the other)
  • you’re English is just great

Nous offrons

What’s next?

  • Send your cv so we get an idea on your true potential
  • Complete some tests so we get some first insights
  • We meet up for an interview at ORMIT
  • You are invited for an assessment day at BAC. 
  • Sign here please... enjoy your flight

Ready to board?

Start your management traineeship now!

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