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Cap Gemini

Young Professionals

Description de l'entreprise

Start your career with Capgemini Belgium and get to know the world of IT and consultancy. Work in a very dynamic environment, where high performance is rewarded and freedom, innovation and trust are in the spotlight. Work side by side with the client on long-lasting results. Enjoy a challenging job and personal growth.

Description de la fonction

Capgemini offers young talent a challenging environment and an appealing perspective on the future. At Capgemini Belgium, you can quickly build up a network. This happens on projects where you form a tight team with clients and colleagues. This network of clients and colleagues, together with your knowledge, is the basis of your work at Capgemini.
Your individual input in our clients’ success is of priceless value. At the same time, Capgemini has a mutual culture in which honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty and fun are the key values. These values should be present in all your contacts.

Profil recherché

Are you a Young Graduate and an ace in your discipline? Can you put ambitions into results, together with colleagues and clients? By starting your career at Capgemini Belgium in the disciplines of Consulting, Technology or Financial Services, you’ll get a world of opportunities. All you need is a Masters degree and the ability to communicate fluently in Dutch, French and English.

Nous offrons

At Capgemini, you can develop from different starting points. At first instance, you put together a solid base for your future development. At a later stage, there’s a further specialization or a wider development on company processes and IT. Based on your personal development plan, you take courses and perform tasks that fit your ambitions and client requests. You learn a lot on the market sector you’re working in, on IT-applications, company profiles and consultancy. Together with your mentor, you draw your educational map: the basis for delivering a valuable contribution to the task for the client.

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