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European Student Placement Agency

6 Month Software Engineer Internship (IBESE0811)

Description de l'entreprise

ESPA (European Student Placement Agency) is a recruitment agency whose goal is to find high quality internships for European students in the UK. We work closely with our host companies to ensure the positions provide students with a great experience, both professional and personal.

Description de la fonction

The Host Company
The host company is dealing with commercialisation of X-ray imaging technology, that has its application in many different areas, from improving contrast and resolution in Flat Panel Detectors to restoring energy information for images. Detectors are beneficial for many different types of markets, Industrial imaging, Medical, Food inspection, just to name a few.
The successful candidate will be working with the innovation team, helping to develop a range of technologies for medical, security and industrial inspection markets. The role will involve assisting with the algorithm development, building and running simulations of x-ray interactions, hands on experiments using x-ray equipment and data analysis.
Company is looking for a highly motivated individual who can quickly get up to speed with the technology and make positive contribution to the team. The candidate should have a strong background in programming and a good working knowledge of physics.

Profil recherché

 Data analysis using Matlab
 Design of experiments
 Algorithm development - Matlab and potentially C++
 Running x-ray simulations
 Modelling of x-ray interactions
 Presentation of results to members of the team
Personal Skills
 Proficient in one programming language e.g. Matlab, R, C++, python, etc.
 Degree or working towards a degree in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science or other highly numerate subject.
 Excellent communication skills and good spoken English.
 Ability to work independently on own intuitive.
 Ability to design and run experiments.
 A strong grounding in mathematics.

Nous offrons

BENEFITS: All ESPA’s services are free for students and alumni. The benefits are:
1) Paid Accommodation.
2) Paid Utility Bills (electricity, gas, water and council tax) + Internet Access
3) Commuter travel to work (accommodation will be found within an acceptable commuting distance from the workplace, if that requires more than a sensible walk then a bus/train ticket will be provided).
This will be sourced and managed on your behalf by ESPA. These benefits have an approximate value of 700€-1000€ per month (depending on location).
There is no salary over and above the benefits offered, unless specifically stated.
To know more, please visit:

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