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Atelier Sommarti

Admin & Gestion

Description de l'entreprise

Atelier Sommarti is a creative company which produces eye-catching sculptures, custom display mannequins and edgy furniture pieces.

Atelier Sommarti has a 30 year old history. It was founded by a sculptor Mario Sommarti. The knowledge, expertise, and contacts that Mr Sommarti has accumulated during this time as a sculptor and a business man have made the company a success and famous in Brussels and around the world.

Designers, collectors, shop-owners, film-makers, art directors, advertising agencies as well as individuals who love (non)traditional pieces are the usual clients. The well-known examples include Jean-Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, Olivier Strelli, Walter Van Beirendonck, Sophie D'hoore, Dior, Rochas, Nina Ricci, La Rosa, Marks & Spencer, theater La Monnaie, Walt Disney.

The company specialises in: creation, production, reproduction, repair, rentals, design of shop windows and exhibition stands.

Description de la fonction

The main tasks include:

managing the open files (invoices, payments, insurance, contracts, etc.) (by phone, email and on paper); 
doing extensive research related to the companies' activities: art commerce sector, auctions, retail, advertising, rentals, events, etc. 
research about local regulations;
contacting past, present and potential clients; 
planning and managing budgets; 
development of new projects and initiatives;
taking responsibility for operational and office management issues. 


Profil recherché

You will need to show:

ability to work independently; 

ability to take inniative; 

orientation on results; 


administrative skills. 

Nous offrons

Gaining substantial experience in administration and management is much more likely to be of benefit than a specific academic subject of study. 

If satisfied with the work accomplished, the company might be proposing the person to continue working in the company. 

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