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Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning /Data Science Internship (starting date to be agreed)

Description de l'entreprise

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and companies have to adapt in order to stay competitive and survive. Today, Artificial Intelligence is starting to impact many sectors of the economy and change the way these sectors operate.

Kantify is a technology company founded in order to help companies to gain or maintain a competitive edge thanks to Artificial Intelligence. We enable our clients to automate activities that could not be automated before, to generate insights from large and complex business processes with a speed and accuracy that is magnitudes better than what humans could do, and much more.

Kantify is recognized for its performance and track record in dynamic pricing, price forecasting, personalized marketing, and image recognition. We work for B2B and B2C companies in a variety of sectors.

Thanks to a cutting edge approach to technology, a business-driven mindset, and strong partnerships with leading academia, Kantify provides its clients with solid and impactful solutions.

Want to learn more ? Contact us or connect with our CEO on Linkedin

Description de la fonction

You'll be working on one specific project that has a strong machine learning component throughout your internship.

You will define what are the best techniques to break the problem, develop and test one or several models, do some feature engineering, build a data pipeline (...). Depending on the project and the dataset of our client, your work may involve data cleaning.

You will have a strong ownership of this project, and at the same time ensure you regularly updates with more experienced team members.

You'll also come in contact with plenty of exciting and new technologies and programming languages that will help you launch your career as a machine learning engineer.

Our clients are located in the whole of Europe so your work might involve occasional travels.

Profil recherché

What we are looking for

  • Ability to learn: Your ability to learn matters more than what you know right now: Programming languages and libraries can be learned (and googled), but curiosity is much harder to acquire. You have a clear history of taking on tasks and projects that were outside of your comfort zone. While this skill to learn might be made evident through your academic background, it doesn't need to be: we value people who are self-thought and have shown excellence in other ways than through academia as well.
  • Practicality: There are often many roads to the same destination. You excel (or at least attempt to excel) at finding the practical path: one where you manage to actually get things done, in a way that is reasonably sustainable. You generally recognize the perils of both quick fixes on one hand (it's great in the short term, but it bites you in the long term), and over-engineering on the other hand (when did an over-engineered project ever get shipped?).
  • Reliability: You are a person of your word. When you say you do things, you take on responsibility to achieve that goal - because really, would you want to work with a bunch of people you cannot rely on? We neither ;)
  • Friendliness and communication skills: You believe that a smile and a bit of feedback from time to time can truly prevent most of the world's daily problems. We are actively looking for people with a positive demeanor, and strive to create a friendly environment for everyone to work in - and you should play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

We do not discriminate based on gender, age, race, sexual preference, religion, or disability.


Our interview process is done in two parts:

  • Technical interview: you solve a simplified real-world case using a programming language you know. You get to use all the tools at your disposal (including search engines, but not including your programmer friend). We are there to help you.
  • Get-to-know-you interview: an interview where we get to know who you are as a person (and you get to ask all the questions you have).

Nous offrons

  • A friendly team of people who master Machine Learning
  • A nice office with other startups
  • The possibility to have project ownership over a complex and exciting business/machine learning project
  • Permanent position if we are both happy with the collaboration ! 
  • Remunerated internship (reimbursements)
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