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Business Intern / Marketing intern

Description de l'entreprise

Daltix is a startup with an office at The Birdhouse in Antwerp, as well as a separate office in Boom. We track prices online and analyse over 5 million products a day and over 70 retailers. We sell this to retailers as well as suppliers in FMCG.

We work with some of the largest retailers and suppliers in the Benelux, with an office for our data division in Portugal. Company culture is a mix of start-up and seriousness. If you want to work in a fast growing company with different cultures Daltix might be the one you're looking for!

Description de la fonction

Hello there, nice to meet you!

Daltix is looking for a motivated, marketing/business student that's not shy to work in a dynamic environment. 

To describe the job, let's use the MoSCoW method:

1. Must haves

  • (international) market research skills
    • Which countries could we focus and why?
    • What markets are interesting, which aren't: Define (with help) which metrics you are looking for
    • Present your findings to the team with experienced sales and marketing profiles
  • Knowing how to work on a project without constant input, but relying on your own skills combined with coaching from colleagues

2. Should haves

  • Visual skills & feel
    • Anything related to indesign, photoshop,... can be used to create both internal and external images for PowerPoint, the website, etc.
    • Make an impact by creating very visual presentations of a more abstract, non-fysical product
    • Demonstrating and making use-guides by video, knowing how to run this project from start to finish with different kinds of input
    • Visualize your market research, reports, etc. Making templates to help making insights and conclusions visible

3. Could haves

  • Copywriting skills & interests
    • Writing strong articles, sometimes with the processing of big data, to nurture interest for Daltix in the relevant target demographics
    • Nurturing and growing knowledge in FMCG & retail, and combining that with big data insights to write interesting articles for B2B professionals
  • Interest in other commercial or operational related tasks

4. Won't haves 

  • Constant instruction. We are solution/goal oriented, and can give advice on how to achieve your goal. What we cannot do is create a straight path in the right direction

It's a big plus if you have affinity for creating top-notch visuals (e.g. banners, one-pagers, etc.)

Knowledge of dutch and/or french is also appreciated.

Interested? Contact us! We are not that scary. At the first interview, we can talk about the job, go into detail and look at how your goals could match with ours.

Profil recherché

We look for a motivated, ambitious marketing/business student that likes to work in a dynamic environment.

Let's see if you're the right fit, agreeing with some of these:

  • I want to put my creativity to work finding new solutions
  • I enjoy working independently on a project with periodical coaching
  • I like to build solution oriented PowerPoint presentations with strong visual appearance
  • I love to write articles based on exciting insights in a B2B setting
  • I'm ready to support my teammates when large projects require it
  • I'm interest in the FMCG sector
  • I live in Antwerp or am willing to commute
  • I love a challenge

Nous offrons

What can you expect from us?

  • Great reference from one of the fastest growing startups in the Benelux 
  • Learn about FMCG, big data and retail
  • Learn to get things done, working in team as well as on your own
  • Have an impact by helping us define our international strategy
  • Advice on the start of your career from different profiles that are all ambitious
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