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Intercultural Dialogue Platform

Call for Youth Advisors

Description de l'entreprise

Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) is a Brussels based non-profit civil society organization, aiming at mutual understanding and harmonious interaction among the people of different cultural backgrounds. The association also communicates the works of a network of European dialogue organisations at European level.

Dialogue Platform, moreover, fosters debate and analysis on various issues concerning a peaceful and respectful coexistence in European societies through conferences, roundtable discussions, book launches. By so doing, it aims to make practical contributions to the decision-making processes on relevant developments and issues impacting on community relations in Europe.

Moreover, IDP runs three EU projects on community-building, integration, social inclusion, and the prevention of radicalization.

Dialogue Platform is particularly interested in the following areas to develop ideas and projects:

Social and Community Cohesion
Citizenship and Democratic Engagement
Identity and Intercultural Understanding
Inter-Faith Dialogue and Religious Studies
Muslims in Europe
Peace-Building and Diplomacy
Education and Youth



Description de la fonction

Are you interested in sharing your ideas, providing feedback, vocalizing the needs of young people, gaining insights and professional experience in European civil society projects? Apply now and become a member of IDP’s Intercultural Youth Advisory Board! (This is on a voluntary basis)

Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) is looking for young, ambitious and socially-engaged people to join the Intercultural Youth Advisory Board. IDP is initiating the foundation of an Intercultural Youth Advisory Board (YAB) to start a strategic partnership with young people in the European Union. As a project coordinator of multiple EU projects for youth, IDP is interested in hearing ideas, views, suggestions and recommendations from young people which will allow civil society projects to improve and meet the real needs of youth.

The YAB will be composed of 8 fixed members and 8 flexible members. 8 fixed members will meet every 2 months. Flexible members will attend the meetings of their specific interest.



-Sharing the perspective of European youth
-Vocalizing the needs of young people
-Disseminating youth activities
-Weighing in on decisions, providing feedback and develop recommendations
-Actively looking for the insight of other young people
-Collaborating on youth projects


To apply, please send your CV with your answers for three of the following questions before November 2.

- Who are you? What drives you? What do you want to achieve in life?
- Why do you think you would be an indispensable member of the YAB?
- Describe the Europe that you envision for 2030. 
- What characteristics and values of European society are worth advocating?

Profil recherché

- Between 18-25 years old
- Interested in civil society initiatives, youth engagement, multiculturalism, intercultural dialogue, art, culture and innovation
- Knowledge on multiculturalism, European identity, social inclusion, anti-discrimination and anti-racism.  
- Open to all genders, ethnicities, cultural and/or religious backgrounds!

Nous offrons

What do we offer to the members of the YAB?

- Gain professional experience through participation in projects that create societal change.
- Attend training and events of IDP and our European partners
- Engagement with professionals in the field and build a network
- Meet other young motivated people!

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