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MindByte Communications Ltd

Communications Assignment

Description de l'entreprise

MindByte is one of the fastest growing b2b communications agencies in Europe. With and it is running two main healtchare management platforms. 

Description de la fonction

This job is for a student longing for more. More engagement, more involvement and more achievement.

Interns getting a personal project assigned which needs to be completed over the period of engagment. Beside this a vasta array of different tasks will allow you to get a deep insights into the highly competitve media world. 

Profil recherché

You have to walk the extra mile with pleasure. We are looking for those not seeing problems but looking for creative solutions. 

Nous offrons

Great international team and very friendly enviroment. Dynamic company believing in achieving through responsibility. On top of this, Limassol - Cyprus is an amazing place to be. 

For internships of 3 months plus we do not offer a basic but the is a monthly bonus of up to Euro 400 to be acheived with great performance. We want to engage doers and achievers. 

Please send a cover letter why you feel that you are our candiate with CV and picture. And please provide us your favourite quote as well. 

Subject: STUFR-1201

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