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Mamé Noka Coffee Roaster

Customer Relationship Magician (CRM)

Description de l'entreprise

Mamé Noka is a Brussels based Start-up roasting Specialty Coffee at Greenbizz.Brussels.

WHY Mamé Noka?

I'm working on the following Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG 1: No Poverty

SDG 8: Economic Growth

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG 13: Climate Action

HOW does Mamé Noka work?

  • Artisanal rocks!
  • Zero Waste baby!
  • Direct contact with the farmers, awesome right?

WHAT does Mamé Noka do?

  • Collaborative trade with farmers
  • Provide coffee in jars and buckets (deposit system)
  • Creating new business models to disrupt the colonialistic coffee industry.

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Description de la fonction

I'm writing in English because coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world...

Mais je parle français, en ik spreek ook Nederlands.

You are responsible for maintaining relationships with current clients, as well as finding opportunities for expanding client database. 

Besides building tong relationships with customers, you have to be able to understand the needs and goals of potential future clients, and use that to introduce our coffee.

I'am seeking a talented marketing mind to focus on customer retention and improve the nurture tracks towards product and feature adoption. You will be responsible for understanding what activities increase customer retention and aligning that with internal company priorities in ways that benefit the customers. Your goal is to add more value to existing customers through channels like email, social, and content, while ensuring our customers remain happy and successful.

  • ​Analyze and interpret what behaviors and patterns make customers successful and more likely to be retained by the company. 
  • Maximize these successful approaches and run tests to improve them.
  • Find new opportunities to applaud, support, and ultimately retain the customers.
  • Craft strategies to better nurture the customers toward actions the company wishes them to take -- and ensuring these actions (product adoption, event signups, trainings, etc.) are actually in our customers’ best interests. 
  • Create and implement new projects and develop creative ideas that help improve customer success -- from customer content and communication, to our approach, to marketing automation

Profil recherché

If you’re passionate about building lasting relationships and being an internal advocate for your customers, you’ll do well.

You are also skilled at balancing multiple needs. For any given account, you must consider the client’s objectives, your company’s objectives, sales targets, and more.

Lastly, you’ll need to speak your customer’s language. Without a deep understanding of their business, market, product, and industry, you’ll never earn their confidence.

Nous offrons

  • Dress: Wear anything you like to the office – and be as comfortable at work as you are in your own living room.
  • Flexibility: Feel free to skip the commute and hit your deadlines from home.
  • Coffee: Save hundreds of dollars on Starbucks coffee each year thanks to my big espresso machine.
  • Location: Well it's in Brussels (+/- Tour&Taxis)
  • Wellness: Stretch away the stress every morning if you want, bicycles are more then welcome!
  • Barista: To understand coffee, you'll receive a barista training.
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