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Developper for a start-up

Description de l'entreprise

Created in 2016, Bonconsul is a product of stock market experts who wanted to provide a more honest and sustainable way of advising clients. Focused on the mid term. On solid, healthy companies with a good track record. No speculation. Just looking for those undervalued pearls.

Description de la fonction

We currently have an online portal where clients access equity research. The portal is intuïtive, visual, and easy to use. A competitive asset. It's based on wix technology with Corvid coding behind. We would like to change this in time to a php or .net environment. I am in need of a developper to draw the structure and who knows go beyond that. I am no expert so I do now know what is al possible and in which timeframe. Happy to discuss.

Minimum requirements for the portal:

  • Make customers select a portfolio of stocks and get news in their mailbox related to those stocks
  • Visualize data in nice dynamic graphs 
  • A tool that allows clients to filter on data (e.g. find me stocks with a Board rated above 4 (out of 5).
  • ...

Kind regards,

The Bonconsul Team

Profil recherché

Strong programming skills

Graphic skills not required but would be a bonus.


Nous offrons

This is a start up and so unfortunately there is no budget to remunerate this internship.

However, you will get access to a our portal, and we can arrange a free subscription for a certain period, depending on the work done.

And of course, our eternal gratitude and openess to share with you our expertise in stock analysis.

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Uniquement pour étudiants de l'enseignement supérieur

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