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Digital Marketing Strategist

Description de l'entreprise

Place2Be is a cloud-based software that handles gamification part of a user experience (whatever that experience is: is it an app, is it a website, is it a real-life experience, ...).

We provide a GaaS {Gamification as a Service} solution.

You define goals (Scores to reach, Badges to collect, number of friends to connect to, ...) on the platform (via our Live Editor) and which actions to be triggered to reach them. The newly defined game is then accessed via our API by your app/website/other mean to trigger actions in background ('Player n°X did action n°Y'​) and Place2Be computes the game mechanics for you ('Player X unlocked Badge 1!'​).

Our infrastructure is based on Gamification Theory and allows to address the 4 types of Players of the Bartle's Player Taxonomy: the Achievers, the Killers, the Socials and the Explorers

Our API is backend and integrates with what you already have to communicate with your customers, we don't duplicate your existing communication channels with new front-end material.

The main advantages of the software is not only the game mechanics we offer but also the analytics you can extract from these data's. It helps you to profile customers and create new challenges/experiences fine tuned to address your users according to their player profile. These data's can also be feedback (in real time or not) and communicated to your customers.

This increases users engagement a lot when they see direct impact of their actions and that other players are also playing simultaneously.

Description de la fonction

We are an early stage startup with high ambitions and we offer a good opportunity to be at the beginning of our adventure.

You will first learn our core business which is Gamification as we will provide you material and support to train yourself.

You will then :

- Produce content to make our company more visible (blogs, videos, infographics)

- Help to maintain and develop our landing page

- Monitor closely social networks and define with us the best strategy to adopt

- Prepare marketing materials for event

- Work on SEO (Keyword research, Link building)

- Work on other project depending of the trainee profile and development.



Profil recherché

We are looking for someone naturally curious, highly proactive, and fast learner.

We would love to have someone passionate about Games or a natural born player as we are !

The main skill will be autonomy as we are a really small team! You'll be often working on your own but won't be let alone. We want to have entire trust in the people working with us.

Technically speaking :

- Content marketing (training available)

- Inboud marketing

- High knowledge of social network

- Fluent in english

- Must love IT :)

- Knowledge of Ruby on Rails and/or Jekyll would be a serious asset



Nous offrons

We offer:

- a fun but serious atmosphere.

- a unique way to help a startup from the begining

- an exiting challenge as you will be able to take initiative and share your ideas.


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Uniquement pour étudiants de l'enseignement supérieur

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