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Enseignant au Togo

Description de l'entreprise

THE CONCEPT OF AFRIKIMPACT: As the name indicates, Afrikimpact aims to have an impact on Africa. This impact will be done through the business activities.
Afrikimpact focuses on:
• Exposition of the capacities and opportunities to make a business both in Africa and with the rest of the world.
• Promotion of the outspoken South-South collaboration with the realization of the existing realities of the countries.
• Assurance of the information dissemination.
• To diminish language barriers which create a limit for smooth communication and cooperation among the international partners.
This platform with various designed menus is focusing on 3 differents stakeholders such as Entrepreneurs, NGO and students.
Menus like OPPORTUNITIES and ANNOUNCE are designed to serves Entrepreneurs. They can find information relating to African tenders, international conferences, companies database. Announce menu is for the e-commerce. Every company can publish its products or services there and technical assistance of our commercials and experts will be given to them to sell their products or services via Afrikimpact.
In our NGO corner, we inform differents NGO regarding all « calls for proposal » of different financing NGO and foundation worldwide. They can also have access to NGO database with Afrikimpact.
Students can find job and scholarship opportunities on Afrikimpact web site.
We also give opportunity to every company to send directly their job or conference opportunity via a link called « Submit your opportunity »
As an Active platform for businessmen who want to have close contacts with the African business World, Afrikimpact will be your business partner during your entry in Africa. Our Commercials are doing the field works every day to provide you with updated company database and the promotion of your products and services through our international networks will be ensured with high professionnalism.
As The main objective is to provide the accurate information to different stakeholders involved in the business with Africa, Afrikimpact will be organizing buyers / sellers meeting Seminar and workshop. Our participation to different trade fair and exhibition will be with the logos of our different partners for their better visility.

Description de la fonction

ARFT est la societe qui cherche quelque benevole qui est interese au developpement et qui desire enseigner les enfant au premier l'ecole.
Les sujets enseignes sont mathematique, francais, anglais. Benevole pouvaiy s'engager dans l'autre activites connecte avec l'education

Profil recherché

Quelqu'un qui est interese au developpement, et qui veut ameliorer l'education au Togo.

Nous offrons

Logement et nouriture.

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Uniquement pour étudiants de l'enseignement supérieur

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