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Bryan Cassady

Hand Drawn Illustrations And Graphic Design

Description de l'entreprise

I am passionate believer in everyone's ability to create and innovate.
I am driven by the challenge of building people and ideas. I find excitement in making impossible things happen quickly.

Having built 8 successful companies in 6 different countries, I know how to grow a business.
Five years ago, I started research on how to best help other companies grow their business. Based on research done with over 400 companies, and proven tools like Agile, Six Sigma and Innovation Engineering, I have created tools and methods to help companies bring bigger ideas to market faster, while reducing risks.

Based on this work, my work teaching at many leading Universities (Chicago, Stanford, Berkeley, KU Leuven, Solvay, EDHEC and ESCLA) and the support of 24 co-authors I am putting these ideas into a new book called CYCLES. CYCLES provides the simplest, scientifically proven way to grow your business.

For more information about me and my book visit


Description de la fonction

The work to be done in the internships is illustrations/graphics for a new book CYCLES and a course linked to this book. (Here is a short video with information on the book:

The right candidate for this position will have an in-depth knowledge of graphic design and be able to do hand-drawn illustrations. (The ability to make high-quality hand-drawn illustrations is a requirement for this job)

The illustrations need to be hand-drawn or a combination of computer plus hand drawn images or icons.
Here is a link to illustrations we like: Guidance.pptx?dl=0

The graphics will need to follow a basic color scheme we have decided on for the book. The colors are 4 strong primary colors (one for each part of the book)
Some ideas for the colors are in these files

The selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities will include:
1. Making illustrations for the book and course slides
2. Updating the course slides

Profil recherché

We are looking for someone interested in innovation 

Skills required

  • Good hand-drawn illustration skills
  • Good graphic design skills and a willingness to learn some on-line graphics programs
  • A good sense of humor and desire to make things happen


Nous offrons


€250/for half-time (20 hours per week)
€450/for full-time (40 hours per week)

Plus you will get training from leading expert in marketing innovation / new product marketing
(Head Mentor European Innovation Academy, Director the Founder Institute, Professor KU Lueven, and Solvay)


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