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Fast Bridge Consulting

Help with the research and writing of my new book CYCLES

Description de l'entreprise

I personally led the creation of 8 successful companies in 6 countries
Award winning teacher: KU Leuven, Solvay, The European Innovation Academy and The Founder Institute.

Business development, Strategy and Digital Transformation work with companies like P&G,Unilever, L’Oreal, Eastman Chemicals, Orange, IBA, Bpost, Test Achats and over 200 more


Description de la fonction

I  am looking for a student that would like to help write parts of my new book called CYCLES: The simplest proven way to build your business. For more info on the book visit: or watch this video:

In short, this book is about helping any company learn the skills they need do rapid cycles of business development to grow small ideas into big idea.   This book is different in 3 ways.

1/. It will focus on explaining “the whys” so the methods can be used in any company
2/. It will have stronger content because it is being written by over 20 co -authors.
3/. Each chapter will stand on its own without being reliant on something readers may or may not have read 50 pages before..

What would be your role

  • Do research and help write the draft chapters
  • Provide views and advice on the content of the book
  • Turn chapters into short presentations
  • Review work done by me and other co-authors


Profil recherché

We are looking for someone interested in management consulting and Innovation

Skills required

  • Knowledge of Innovation Management (or a desire to learn quickly)
  • ​​Close to perfect written English
  • Good graphic design skills and a willingness to learn some on-line graphics programs
  • A good sense of humor and desire to make things happen


Nous offrons


€400/ month full time
€200 / month if part-time

Plus you will get training from leading expert in marketing innovation / new product marketing

(Head Mentor European Innovation Academy, Director the Founder Institute, Professor KU Lueven, and Solvay)


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Uniquement pour étudiants de l'enseignement supérieur

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