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Internship documentary-/film making

Description de l'entreprise

We are an international NGO which is developing projects and products in order to bring more awareness about different humanitarian issues through the use of arts and new communication tools. We are also developing training videos about a range of subject matters such as necessary changes in law systems, the bridging functions of arts in society,  new ways of using music in the world (such as healing), methods of inclusion for handicapped people, inter-religious subjects, spiritual subjects,alternative methods for different diseases such as cancer, better bridging functions between the youth and the elderly, inclusion of fragile groups in society,more respect for refugees, the new changes needed of the job market after corona times, etc.

Description de la fonction

Internship students studying documentary-/film making 


Interesting opportunity for students studying documentary-/film making. International NGO which has a solid track record in the past doing different projects to bring awareness about humanitarian issues through the arts, is welcoming new interns. We currently have one or two internships available which are paid internships. The starting date will be as soon as possible.


We will invite you to collaborate with us in the making of different documentaries. It is important that you have your own equipment so that you can edit the videos from your own home. You will also be asked to help in centralizing the current video and audio material, and in creating different documentaries consisting of the current material. You will be expected to do some research in the funding sites of films and documentaries, so you get the full picture of practical matters surrounding video and documentary making. 


You should be multilingual because we are working with an international team, so not only Dutch people but people all over Europe. It is important that you can do good research by yourself and are able to work well independently in corona times. You will get different assignments via internet, and once in a while we will have face to face meetings if necessary, in the foundation. The internships can be either short term, for a few weeks, or long term for a few months. The working languages will be English and Dutch. We are also openminded for French speaking interns.  


As this is an international working environment you will have plenty of opportunities to learn different languages and network with others. If the internship goes well, you even could receive a long-term working contract in the film- and documentary making sector.  


The location of the internships will be in Amersfoort, but will be almost entirely online, so they can be done from the whole of Europe. Payment is according to the Dutch regulations: €200-€500, but in exceptional cases when people have more experience, the internship fee can be higher.  

There will be a short try-out after which you will receive a contract. (Part time internships are preferred.) 


Profil recherché

Finished high school. Studying film making or anything related. 

Nous offrons

A great paid internship which can be done from all over Europe. 

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