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Internship in Web Applications

Description de l'entreprise

Odyseed is a Belgian start up developping affordable solutions for automated urban agriculture, especially in vertical and rooftop farming. Odyseed provides the easiest way to grow small fruit and vegetables, but also teaches you everything you need to know on gardening and how to use your plants.

Description de la fonction

You will participate in most of the events, meetings and debates of the company, thus
contributing in the development of the product line and services offered by Odyseed.
The intern will be supervised by the whole team and will be working in the R&D

The developer must have good knowledge on PHP POO, jQuery, the MVC model, JSON/XHTML, AJAX, and Google API. Previous experience on HTML5 and CSS is also required. Further experience on an API with Bootstrap is a plus.
Furthermore, the developer must have at least some knowledge on PHP PDO and the way these tools work with MySQL or an SQL server.Previous experience on installing a Git is a plus. Willingness to acquire new competences, ability to take initiative, and being capable of working under stress are a must.

Description of the task:

- The web developer will be in charge of the maintenance (evolution and correction) of one or several web projects (back-end and front-end) based on a pre-established internally developed framework.
- The developer will collaborate with one or several graphic designers and system/hardware developers and connect the web services and the physical products.

Profil recherché

-IT or any other related sector students, that are passionate about plants, nature and technology
-Able to work independently
-Able to manage multiple tasks, prioritize and meet deadlines
-Good writing skills (English and French) required
-Positive and flexible attitude
-Interested in working in a small team
-Outgoing personality

Nous offrons

Internship: minimum 36 working days (longer periods accepted) for training and acquisition of competences.
Starts at: 01.07.2015 (latter requests accepted)
Localization: Brabant Wallon
Interest: passionate experience guaranteed. You will have the opportunity to help the development of a start-up where you can really move things and have an important impact
Remuneration: non-remunerated, but possibility to join the team full time later-on.

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Uniquement pour étudiants de l'enseignement supérieur

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