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Atelier Sommarti

Marketing and Sales (Design Sector)

Description de l'entreprise

Atelier Sommarti is a creative company which produces eye-catching sculptures, custom display mannequins and edgy furniture pieces.

Atelier Sommarti has a 30 year old history. It was founded by a sculptor Mario Sommarti. The knowledge, expertise, and contacts that Mr Sommarti has accumulated during this time as a sculptor and a business man have made the company a success and famous in Brussels and around the world.

Designers, collectors, shop-owners, film-makers, art directors, advertising agencies as well as individuals who love (non)traditional pieces are the usual clients. The well-known examples include Jean-Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, Olivier Strelli, Walter Van Beirendonck, Sophie D'hoore, Dior, Rochas, Nina Ricci, La Rosa, Marks & Spencer, theater La Monnaie, Walt Disney.

The company specialises in: creation, production, reproduction, repair, rentals, design of shop windows and exhibition stands.

Description de la fonction

An intern will assist in managing activities and services related to commercial aspects of the company. The person creates professional relationships and proposes projects or products to: theatres, galleries and museums, shops; trade show organisers, retail companies, arts festivals and centres, dance and film companies, local authorities and arts councils, architects, decorators, art amateurs.


Responsibilities may include:

planning and organising logistics (clients, competitors, events, shops, the stock);
working to secure funding for specific projects;
contacting past, present and potential clients;
marketing an event or a project through social media, direct mail, advertising, use of a website, producing posters or publicity leaflets and attracting media coverage;
development of new projects and initiatives in consultation with arts professionals and key stakeholders (e.g. local authorities, local government and communities, directors, shop owners). 

Profil recherché


You will need to show:

good communication, teamworking, interpersonal and organisational skills;
ability to work independently, 
awareness of the artistic sectors; 
IT skills including spreadsheets, social media and database management;
high-quality customer service.


knowledge of, and an interest in, the art, fashion and/or retail. 

Nous offrons

Jobs in the arts are highly competitive. Gaining substantial experience in administration, management and the arts is much more likely to be of benefit than a specific academic subject of study. For a career in the art sector there is no substitute for relevant experience.

If satisfied with the work accomplished, the company might be proposing the person to continue working in the company either as an employee or a reseller based on commission.

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