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PR intern wanted for a very tough job!

Description de l'entreprise

Flatninja is a belgian startup, that helps young urban people discover, meet and rent their perfect flatshare! We want to make the process of finding roommates super easy and extremely fast! Right now we have a first version online that is already attracting 4000 rooms a month and 10000 users! To get where we want to, and that is european domination of the flatshare market, we're looking for talented and motivated people!!

We're working from Antwerp & Brussels with Italian and Spanish interns, but also with our belgian production team.

Description de la fonction

Ok so we're a start-up. We're called Flatninja. We're helping roommates from Belgium, Spain and Italy to find their perfect roommates, and we do it fast. What we're doing is necessary and people love it. Without any PR, advertising, or marketing budget, we get 10.000 users on our website and they stay for 10 minutes or more. Our number of facebook likes is growing at 300 likes per week. But those numbers should go up up up.

That's why we need someone who can teach us how to do PR. Get us listed on blogs, get us in the newspapers, get us on television. We have absolutely no idea or experience on how to do this, so it's all up to you. You can do whatever you want to make this happen. One thing we can help you with: we have a nice logo, collaborative economy is a hot topic, we have a website that works, we're growing quickly, and august is low-season for media, so they need our story! =)

The job will be hard:

  • making a press-pack
  • selecting the right media and finding their contact data
  • cold email and cold call them until they agree to write about us

can you do it?

Profil recherché

  • ? You're looking for an internship in PR. You're passionate about PR and have studied it or have first-hand experience with PR.
  • ? You are independent and you always find a way. We don't have the experience, so it all comes down to you.
  • ? You absolutely love picking up your phone. Call journalists, call friends who know journalists, call your uncle who was once in PR who knows someone at metro.
  • ? You can explain things and you write well
  • ? You speak french. If you also speak English and/or Dutch, that's amazing.
  • ? You have been living with roommates and understand the trouble of finding roommates, of living with the wrong flatmates, and the joys of having great colocs

Nous offrons

  • we don't offer any money, at least not until we have our next round of funding
  • if you're good, we may want to keep you
  • if you're someone who wants to learn from a teacher, this is not the right place.
  • if you're someone who wants to get his or her hands dirty and see how it really is to work in a start-up. Be welcome!
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