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Social Media Marketing (TikTok) Internship starting ASAP

Description de l'entreprise

We are currently working on PopGerms - a new solution to help protect people from COVID-19. 

Description de la fonction

We are looking for a social media marketing intern​ for TikTok. 

Job description: You are solely responsible over the brand's identity on TikTok - your only goal is to make great videos. You are our Dave from The Washington Post. 

  • Making TikTok videos 
  • Aiming for virality
  • Coming up with content and editing videos 
  • Building a brand identity 
  • Building a following 
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Watching & commenting on videos on your fyp





Profil recherché

We are looking for a funny and original content creater who isn't camera-shy and is wasting their time on TikTok. If you already have a following and a knack for making viral videos please do mention that. 


Nous offrons

- This is a unique opportunity to have full responsibility over a social media platform, as it is recently popular, and will be a great stepping stone. You're at the forefront of a new social media marketing platform revolution. 

- Alleviate your borredom during quarantine and use that time to make a difference in the world 

- Be a part of changing the world 

- An internship / work experience and a letter of recommendation 

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