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Strategic Marketing

Description de l'entreprise

Ehale's mission is to Battle the health risks associated with the smoking habits of 1 billion people worldwide

The project will be on Hexa, an innovative e-cigarette, developed by Belgian e-liquid wholesaler Ehale, an organization founded by former smokers and brothers Felix, Cedric, Quentin & Matthias Rijkers and their partners with the single goal of battling the health risks associated with smoking by offering high quality, trustworthy alternatives.

Description de la fonction

Ehale, a Belgian wholesaler and distributer of everything related to e-cigarettes is looking for an experienced professional to aid in the international roll out of their new product, which will begin in February. The project is focussed on international business development (UK, DE, FR, GR, CY, CH, IR, ES, PL,...), financial planning and marketing strategy.

Profil recherché

  • Attitude > skills ! 
  • You are a motivated person with a strong taste for success
  • You are comfortablewith new technologies and the Internet 
  • You are looking for a challenging position in a fun startup environment 
  • You show perseverance regarding of the various challenges you may encounter 
  • You want see yourself working in a team of young, motivated entrepreneurs
  • You are open-minded and proactive
  • You are someone who also likes to work independently 
  • You're not afraid to make decisions 
  • You are currently studying business or a related field 
  • You are attracted by the startup and innovation environment

Nous offrons

The company itself it located in Berlaar, a 30m train ride from Antwerp and office hours are from 10 to 18u30, its a young team lead by people of our age and as its a fairly young organization (founded 3 years ago) you'll have a great deal of responsibility and independence with possible employment after the internship.

  • Solving motivating challenges 
  • The opportunity to develop your skills and professional attitude
  • The discovery of innovative projects of different organisation in various industries
  • The possibility of being a full member of a team with its own responsibilities
  • An internship that you'll end with something to show for
  • A first network of like minded people
  • Employment opportunities after your internship 
  • One step ahead of everyone who will graduate with you 
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