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Support for business activities

Description de l'entreprise


With offices in Italy (Milan, Naples, Salerno Potenza), Bruxelles, the Chamber of Commerce ItalAfrica Centrale is active in many economic sectors and encourages interaction between European companies and individuals and counterparts on the African continent, to foster the development of solid relationships that lead to economic and socially valid results.

Description de la fonction

The intern, in support of the chamber activities concerning the countries within the competence of the Chamber of Commerce and concerning the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific), will be involved in the following activities:

  • reediting and sending promotional e-mails to companies for specific sectors such as agriculture, industry, construction and energy
  • redaction of documents relating to projects for the countries for which ItalAfrica is responsible
  • search for updates on loans for the internationalization of businesses
  • translation of documents
  • search for companies interested in investning in the African continent
  • carrying out market research
  • analysis of the external relations of the European Union with the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific);
  • analysis of the EU programs dedicated to the ACP countries as well as the financing mechanisms of development cooperation promoted by the various international organizations;
  • collaboration in the activity of dissemination and promotion of the socio-cultural, technological, economic-financial development opportunities of the ACP countries

Profil recherché

ItalAfrica Centrale offers an internship to a student as part of his curricular program. 

Nous offrons

The student is expected to learn and improve the following skills at the end of the internship: 

Working: research, knowledge of the project cycle, use of Excel 

Communication:  drafting of reports,drafting of articles, drafting commercial information;
Relational: Team work
Organizational: Planning

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Uniquement pour étudiants de l'enseignement supérieur

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