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Picanol Group

Yarn Insertion Systems

Description de l'entreprise

Picanol develops, produces and markets high-tech weaving machines, based on air (airjet) or rapier technology. We supply weaving machines to weaving mills worldwide, and also offer such services as installation, commissioning & trouble shooting, aftermarket sales (spare parts, accessories) and training. Today, about 2,600 weaving mills around the world use Picanol machinery, totaling more than 175,000 weaving machines.

Picanol has been playing a pioneering role as both a developer and manufacturer of highly productive weaving machines since 1936. Ever since starting out, we at Picanol have remained committed to our core mission: developing and assembling innovative and reliable high-tech weaving machines. And the experience we have accumulated following the production of over 360,000 machines provides the clearest guarantee to our customers that when they choose Picanol they will be getting the very best weaving machine.

Next to the head office in Ypres (Belgium), we have production facilities in Asia and Europe, linked to our own worldwide service and sales network. All of us at Picanol are committed to providing outstanding customer service, the exceptional levels of quality that Picanol is renowned for, high value, and rapid delivery to meet the needs of our customers.

Description de la fonction


Manipulating yarns is a core competence for Picanol; with yarn speeds reaching up to 100 m/s and accelerations over 4,000 m/s², this represents a continuous field of research. The yarn propulsion systems of the weaving loom can be either reciprocating mechanical clamps or a jet of air surrounding the yarn and pulling it forward. Work in this research field aims to increase the speed of the insertion while keeping control over the yarn behavior and minimizing the forces acting on the yarn in order to obtain good quality fabric.

Your task
You will help in terms of designing, conceiving and studying mechanical, electromechanical or pneumatical systems that contribute to an improved and better performing yarn insertion system.

Profil recherché

Master Mechanica en/of Elektromechanica

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Skills and Tools
o Interest in mastering highly dynamic processes that are often of a stochastic nature
o Multidisciplinary skills in mechanics, electromechanics, pneumatics and/or process control
o Tools to understand and improve the insertion process, such as high speed cameras and measurement systems

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