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Life as a Young Graduate at Telenet: “Fantastic opportunities under great leadership”

Bismi Siraj is a 26-year-old engineering enthusiast. She moved to Belgium from India to get her master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at KU Leuven. After graduation, she enrolled in the Telenet Young Grads Program. She has been working as an Operations Engineer for the past six months.

Bismi first learned about the Young Grads Program as she was looking for job opportunities on LinkedIn. “I immediately got excited when I saw the post. I always wanted to work in the telecom industry and I soon learned that Telenet was one of the biggest players here in Belgium. So I really wanted to join the company. I applied and … got the job!”

Sharing ideas

The best thing about being a member of the Young Grads? “You become part of a whole community of peers from the same age group, but from different backgrounds. It’s not just engineers here, there are people from marketing, from sales,... We meet up to share ideas and discuss our projects, so we learn a lot from each other. Also, by interacting in this way, you really get to know what is happening in the company from a helicopter view.”

Working in a stimulating environment

Would she recommend the program? “Certainly. In the short period I’ve been here, I’ve been given fantastic opportunities, under great leadership. It’s been an exhilarating experience. Everyone is happy to help and even if you are a junior, they take your input very seriously. As an operation engineer, I work in the lab. Amongst other things, we carry out acceptance tests and introduce new equipment in the network. So our team is in a prime position to help our customers to get high-speed internet and great digital television experience. It’s a very stimulating environment, because we need to be really up-to-date with the technology. That leaves a lot of room for me to think and to challenge my capabilities.”

Inspiring other women

Bismi also considers her experience with Telenet a great opportunity to inspire other girls and women to take up STEM courses – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. “Telenet has many female leaders in our top management. And I’m very proud of that. But when I joined the team as an engineer, I realized that especially in Belgium, engineering is mostly a man’s world. This program has given me a voice and a platform to represent women in technology. So wherever I go, I want to inspire and encourage other girls and women to get into science, because I would really like more female colleagues!”

Are you ready to grow, together with Telenet? Launch your career, become a Young Grad at Telenet and take the job journey of a lifetime.

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