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[Testimonial Laura] Air Liquide: where I enjoy every day at work

Lauren Gohier, 25 years old from Lyon, France works for the communications team of Air liquide in Brussels. She applied to the company in 2017 and has been working there ever since.

“I was already familiar with the company and since I wanted to work at a large, industrial company, Air Liquide seemed like the perfect choice, so I applied. Even my early experiences with Air Liquide were all positive, polite and nothing has changed since I started working there.”

Overlap throughout various departments

“My job is a constant change of scenery. Not only am I responsible for external communication and the organisation of various events, I am also responsible for the communication in our sales department, meaning I work both in and out of office. The Mini One company car makes it easy for me to drive to the various Air Liquide sites located everywhere in the Benelux.

“Not long ago I cooperated with the safety department to make a safety video that would be shown to all the sites. I got to work with the HSEQ team, which was a first for me. It was a great experience where everyone worked together and was enthusiastic about their separate tasks and the result was great.”

“Another time my job got me on board of a large ship which was powered by hydrogen and took me on the Scheldt to the port of Antwerp. I got to make another video.”   

Great working environment

“The buildings are modern, are well-lit and provide all the necessities and even more so everyone enjoys coming to work. I find these aspects very important, so it’s great that Air Liquide provides them all. Those who would love no less than a freshly cooked meal can enjoy one at the restaurants. Others who prefer to bring food from home can always use the provided ovens and microwaves. The accessibility of the Air Liquide site at Brussels is great and convenient, there is a large car park nearby and lots of bus and tram stops.

Job Opportunities within the company

“Air Liquide gave me the opportunity to develop new skills, both hard and soft. I also learned lots about coordinating, content marketing, working with other agencies and other. I have also followed various training courses in communication, so I learn on the go.”

“At the moment I do not have ambitions to go to another department, but it is nice knowing that if I would want to, I can. We all get unique opportunities which is highly encouraging. It gives us the confidence to take a leap and change our career path. For now, I want to make the most of my career with the communications team and gain the knowledge needed. For the long term I hope to grow towards a management position so now I continue to work closely with colleagues and my direct manager. I have some great prospects ahead of me!

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