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acADDemICTs (Functional & Business Analyst)


Realdolmen valt niet onder de standaardnoemer van een ICT-bedrijf. ICT-bedrijven focussen en vertrekken bijna altijd eerst vanuit de technologie; Realdolmen focust in de eerste plaats op het resultaat dat haar klanten ermee kunnen bereiken en werkt zo naar het technologische gegeven.

We zijn er bij Realdolmen dan ook vast van overtuigd dat ICT het functioneren van mensen en bedrijven efficiënter en bovenal eenvoudiger moet maken. Daarvoor dient ICT trouwens toch? We zijn er ook zeker van dat als je iets eenvoudiger maakt, je het tegelijk ook efficiënter maakt.

ICT perfect doen werken voor de business van onze klanten doen we door dicht bij hen te staan, hen goed te leren kennen en te begrijpen waar zij mee bezig zijn en wat hen ’s ochtends uit hun bed doet komen.Klanten het leven eenvoudig maken doen we voornamelijk door dé expert te zijn in ICT-technologieën en de uitvoering van ICT-projecten en outsourcingstrajecten. Op deze manier nemen wij de complexiteit die inherent is aan heel dat ICT-domein bij hen weg, en kunnen de klanten zich concentreren op waar hun bedrijf bezig mee moet zijn.


What’s a business & functional analyst? In short you are a sparring partner for the business and ICT team!

The longer version: You help your customers think 10 steps ahead of the game, and together you beat the competition. You are officially a Business Analyst :-).  But you don’t want to get caught up in titles. There are people who claim “to document requirements”, and others who call themselves Functional Analysts or Business Analysts. But in the end, you drive the agile mindset and focus on delivering the right value to your customers. You are a Realdolmen ambassador.

What does a day in a BA’s life look like?

The most important for you is to make sure that your customer’s business vision is clear and well documented. You strive to provide business value… You make sure that the various business and technical teams are aligned with a realistic scope and common understanding. You also drive all teams to work together: “one team; one mentality” is your motto. You gather and analyze requirements.

  • You create, fine-tune and enhance business processes. Your focus is on the value that will be created by your work.
  • You’re a change enabler, capable of getting a deep understanding of the business. You then optimize processes and guide your stakeholders through the change process.
  • You follow up on incidents, report on progress and propose solutions using workshops and showcases, obviously using best practices, which you’ll all learn during the Acaddemict program.
  • You understand that the team is bigger than the individual.

What does it take to be a Business & functional Analyst?

Maybe it’s obvious, but having a can-do attitude is the key to success! As a sparring partner it’s important to continuously challenge and make a difference for the business. Sometimes this involves playing the devil’s advocate!

In addition, it’s important to be committed and result-oriented. Getting comfortable with process modelling and UML is indispensable. That’s exactly what our Acaddemicts-program is for!

What’s the atmosphere amongst our colleagues like?

You work together with an open-minded group of colleagues; a group rich with a variety of personalities, backgrounds and work experience. And we have football, pizzas, sushi or running lovers in the team, so don’t worry about finding a partner in crime.  We encourage growth, provide coaches to support you on your day to day activities and offer you a large knowledgebase on various methodologies.

Realdolmen will help you grow, we will provide you with a vehicle. English is mandatory because it’s our official way of communication within the team and towards our clients. French or Dutch are important to know- after all, this is Belgium !


Who can apply for the acADDemICT Business & Functional analyst program?

  • You have a bachelor or master degree (economical, scientific, (bio-)medical, technical,….)
  • You have a driver’s license B
  • You have knowledge of Dutch, English and French
  • You can start in September

We bieden aan

Our offer

And a last question… Why should you work for Realdolmen?

Depending on your background (economical, scientific, (bio-)medical, technical,….), we will search for the best fit role in our organization together. ICT knowledge is a nice to have, a curiosity for ICT and an eager-to-learn attitude is a must have. We will take care of you by giving you the best suited training- and coaching trajectory.

We offer you:

  • The opportunity to make a difference
  • A dynamic and stimulating environment with challenging missions and projects
  • The chance to cooperate with a team of specialists and a network of partners
  • Extensive tools to support you in your daily work
  • Several career opportunities in line with your expertise and interests
  • An attractive salary package with extensive benefits
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