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Junior Functional Consultant - March 2018



Technology should be inspiring, and you can help us to make it so.

Now that you’ve graduated, you can start writing the first chapter of your professional life. Do you already know which direction you want to take? Great. If you’ve not decided what to do yet, we’re happy to discuss the various possibilities with you. Within our company, you can also get a taste of what does and doesn’t suit you – logistics, finance, e-commerce, big data, information management and much more.


You’re welcome

A job as a junior functional consultant. Sounds interesting?

  • Are you consumed by a passion to figure out the most ideal solution for your customer? As a functional consultant you’re the one who bridges the gap between IT and the business and who ensures that we actually deliver what your customer needs.
  • Your outstanding talent for communication and analytical skills will come in very useful. You’re not afraid of discussion or confrontation, and you know how to ask all the right questions to elicit the essential answers from your customer. After all, you can’t find the right solution unless you know your customer(s) inside out.
  • If you’re keen to focus on one particular sector and prefer to work with just one customer in great depth, you can. Alternatively, you can opt for maximum diversity and tackle projects for a wide variety of customers across a broad spectrum of industries. We’re happy to work with your preferences.
  • Needless to say, you’ll work as part of a team; we build stronger solutions together than alone. Therefore, our project teams are always a mix of young talent and more experienced colleagues.
    It’s important to point out that you remain involved throughout the entire project, from start to finish, even when your technical colleagues are knee-deep in configuration and coding. You monitor the correct alignment between the business and IT and continually put your knowledge of your customer to good use to deliver the optimum solution.


Achieving success together

  • We work together to decide where your success story within delaware can start. As you grow, where will your path take you within our company? That’s impossible to say. Will you choose the project management path, or do you prefer something a little more technical? Nothing is too far-fetched. There are opportunities internationally too.
  • Jan Delaere, for example, progressed from a role as an analyst to become managing director.
  • Gert Grobben started as SAP consultant, subsequently became HR director and is now our domain lead Finance & Business Controlling.
  • Sustainable organizational growth also means that every employee can map out a growth path in line with their own interests and competences, and that’s exactly what we offer. That’s why 1) we invest heavily in training, 2) each and every consultant has a personal counselor and 3) there are fun team activities on a monthly basis.
    As a career starter, you receive a full month’s worth of training as soon as you arrive. Then you immediately set to work on concrete projects, albeit under the protective wings of a senior consultant.

Come and talk to us

Have you recently completed your bachelor or master degree? Are you flexible and communicative? Do you take a proactive approach to solving customers’ problems? Are you always ready to spring into action? Can you communicate fluently in Dutch (or French) as well as English? Do our company values – we take care of our employees and customers, we are committed, enterprising and respectful, and we do everything based on a sense of positive team spirit – appeal to you?

If so, we really need to talk.

Send us your CV for screening. If the results are positive, we’ll arrange an initial meeting with you – mainly to see whether we ‘click’. And if we do, the possibilities are endless.

We bieden aan

Find out more

You can find out more about us on our website and blog. That will give you some sense of the company atmosphere, although it’s actually even nicer in real life!

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