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Be Park

Junior PHP Developer (Brussels)


BePark is a young and innovative company at the forefront of the European parksharing market!

We are the missing link between drivers in search of an increasingly hard-to-find parking spot and parking owners who are looking to optimize the management of their asset.

Our growing team works hard towards offering the best parking solution to our customers. With BePark, drivers can use a parking by the hour, book it for several days or rent it monthly for an unlimited period, always at a very competitive price. Our technology allows them to be fully independent, from finding a parking online to opening the gates with their smartphone!

BePark aims to be the SMART parking solution of tomorrow's cities and by smart we mean Simple, Mobile, Agile, Reactive and Technologic!

This takes a team of smart and motivated people...


Job description

The developer mission will be :

  • Create and maintain the code in our various projects. We have an awesome technical stack and we want to improve it !
  • Review code during Pull Requests, comment, and help the others to improve. Best way to learn is to help others to improve.
  • Follow up on the technology level inside the team and the company,
  • Self-improve your quality code level,
  • Work with the team and overcome every challenge we will face !
  • Enjoy the job!



  • You have experience in PHP development ( We use 5.6 & 7.1 )
  • You have a good knowledge of software's architecture
  • Version control and particularly GIT is a tool that you know well
  • You know a development framework like : Laravel 5 ( Symphony 3 or Zend are good also )
  • You know how to structure a database. You know MySql or MariaDB,
  • You have some basic knowledge of front development :HTML, CSS, JS ( VueJs ). But rest assured, we have great guys who know how to make your ugly page look beautiful :-)



  • Some knowledge of Q&A tools: PHPunit, atoum, composer, Behat,...
  • Virtualisation, infrastructure and deployment knowledge: AWS, Docker (& compose), Cloudfront, Chef
  • Knowledge in the following domains: Rust, NodeJs, Electronic device programmation, Network, Mobile development,
  • If you have developed in open source project... That's definitely an asset.
  • If you are a full stack developper with god like coding style and knowledge, that's definitively, definitively an asset. ;) We do take unicorns!. <3



  • You are a human who likes to live and to see the sun sometimes (Sorry pals, we don't accept AI or robot applicant yet ^^).
  • You need to be fluent in French. A good level of English is also a plus
  • You are a communicative, sociable and open minded person.
  • You're solution driven, and you like to discover new technology (because you will...).
  • You are able to brainstorm around a subject with other people and you like to do it.
  • You rock with MOBA(HoTS) game and you are not against a game at lunch time ;)
  • And if you feel you don't have the level, just tell yourself : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gTX2tyZUIw and still apply ( "do... or do not, there is no try !")

We bieden aan

What do we offer?

  • Gain experience and grow internally in a fast Belgian start-up
  • See your code being used everyday!
  • Attractive salary
  • Time flexibility, Homeworking, Holidays (26 days)
  • Be part of a motivated team

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