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Multi Company Traineeship


ORMIT specialises in developing future leaders through traineeships. We attract young talents, develop them into young leaders and connect them with partnering organisations in order to strengthen both in the long run.

Our traineeships and talent programmes are not for everyone. They exist for those with ambition and leadership potential. People who dare to question themselves, in order to grow. With our traineeships and talent programmes, you have a direct impact on companies. You discover and develop your talents while generating results, one project at a time.

Management, IT, Finance, Digital, Marketing or something else? We have a traineeship or talent programme for everyone's interest and experience. Are you ready to be challenged and become the best version of yourself?


Do you want to lead the future?

It’s a complicated world we’re living in. Things have never moved faster and futures have never been more insecure. To succeed in this new world, companies need a new breed of people. Young wolves that aren’t afraid to lead and steer. To show the path and be the first to jump in the deep. Head first.

It’s these leaders we build here at ORMIT. It’s what this traineeship is all about: transforming you from a talented and ambitious youngster into a powerful future leader who knows how to get things done.


What will you be doing exactly?

The traineeship consists of a unique triple-play:

A series of challenging projects – We hand-pick leading companies with interesting challenges that fit your skills and ambitions. You could end up in a bank or in a big pharma company. But you may also spend time at an HR specialist or in FMCG. Point is, you’ll find yourself immersed in different sectors. And each time, you’ll be assigned interesting projects, with managers that are eager to play a part in your development. You’ll learn new skills and professional behaviour at lightning speed.
Personal development – You probably understand by now that ORMIT heavily invests in your growth. We team you up with a talent development manager whose up-close and personal coaching will prove invaluable to your growth. You’ll get systematic, quality feedback to gain self-insight and improve your self management and career management.
Accelerated learning – We’ll ask you to come to the ORMIT-office regularly for training in leadership skills (negotiating, situational leadership, change management …). All these trainings are hosted by top specialists in their field. We’ll also put you in intervision groups with peers, where you’ll get brutally honest personal feedback. Combined, these classroom and intervision trainings will allow you to grow from a young starter to a confident and powerful professional in no time.



So, are you one of them?

ORMIT is looking for a special breed of youngsters. People with the right pedigree: ambitious, enthousiastic, lively, open-minded, … We’re truly in the market for future leaders.

If all of the above jingles and jives in your head, we’ve just got a few boxes to tick before you can apply:

  • You’re a young graduate with less than three years of experience.
  • You’ve got a master’s degree
  • You are able to dive in different roles and domains
  • You’re fluent in French, Dutch and English.
  • But most of all: you want to develop your leadership skills.



We bieden aan

Why should you do it?

  • Learning while getting paid. We offer a competitive salary with many fringe benefits and a company car.
  • Gaining experience. Not in one job, but in multiple roles and different environments.
  • Getting to know the world. By working in different companies with different cultures.
  • Understanding yourself. What you’re great at. What not. What you enjoy most.
  • Building a network. Not just your old college friends. A real business network.

Kazi vacature scan

Dit zijn de waarden en teamrollen die voor deze vacture belangrijk zijn. Doe onmiddellijk de Kazi-test om te zien of deze bij jou aansluiten.


Een uitdagend/challengend teamlid probeert het potentieel van elke samenwerkingspartner of teamlid te maximaliseren om iedereen te betrekken in het streven naar zeer goede prestaties.
Een netwerker brengt het team naar buiten en legt zeer vlot contacten met personen buiten het team om resultaten te verkrijgen of bekend te maken.


In deze job heb je veel contacten. Het is dan ook belangrijk dat de medewerker zich kan inleven in de ideeën en gevoeligheden van anderen. Als resultaat van zijn/haar werk ziet de medewerker het eindproduct of de uiteindelijk geleverde dienst en kan hij/zij betekenisvol zijn voor mensen buiten de organisatie.
In deze job is het belangrijk om je regelmatig bij te scholen. Hierdoor kan de medewerker zich verder ontwikkelen en ontstaan er doorgroeimogelijkheden, zowel binnen de functie als naar een andere functie. Er is een grote vrijheid in de volgorde waarin de taken kunnen uitgevoerd worden.

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