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European Student Placement Agency

6 Month Acoustic Engineer Internship (TECAE1710)


ESPA (European Student Placement Agency) is a recruitment agency whose goal is to find high quality internships for European students in the UK. We work closely with our host companies to ensure the positions provide students with a great experience, both professional and personal.


The Host Company
The Company specialises in researching, developing and manufacturing Transducers (Loudspeakers and Audio Exciters) and other electronic components and sub-assemblies that enable designers of consumer electronic devices to add user appeal to their products. This international enterprise headquartered near Cambridge in the UK has offices in Hong Kong and deals with international customers in the Automotive and Industrial sector.
You will be part of the development team in charge of launching new audio products into the market. Within a very varied and dynamic position, you will be developing activities such as designing, assembling, running simulation tools, etc; always keeping in mind the customer requirements to deliver tailored solutions.

 Working with the project team, support groups, and outside resources, you will analyse and recommend design options for manufacturability, reliability, durability, performance, and cost. Scheduling & planning electric material.
 You will be part of a team responsible for designing and bringing into production a high volume consumer electronics product.
 You will work with internal customers, and also overseas vendors as the product comes into production.
 You will need to demonstrate invention and design early in the process, but also strong test and debugging capabilities as the product goes through prototyping phases during development.


Personal Skills
 Degree in Mechanical or Electric Engineering, Physics, Music or Audiology (or similar).
 Ability to work well with a team.
 Excellent written and oral communication skills.
 Practical skills.
 Problem-solving skills.
 Excellent hearing.
 Good organisational skills.
 Curiosity, enthusiasm.

We bieden aan

BENEFITS: All ESPA’s services are free for students and alumni. The benefits are:
1) Paid Accommodation.
2) Paid Utility Bills (electricity, gas, water and council tax) + Internet Access
3) Commuter travel to work (accommodation will be found within an acceptable commuting distance from the workplace, if that requires more than a sensible walk then a bus/train ticket will be provided).
This will be sourced and managed on your behalf by ESPA. These benefits have an approximate value of 700€-1000€ per month (depending on location).
There is no salary over and above the benefits offered, unless specifically stated.
To know more, please visit: www.espauk.com

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