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Do you have time to go to the Fitness Club? Do you feel as fit as you wish? No time to loose? What if you could exercise for 5 min when doing your daily life activities?

SPACEF!T provides the flexibility to train for just five minutes during your daily life activities through different devices such as smartphones, wearable, ... All exercises are tailored made by experienced physical therapists.


Your responsibilities (or what you will learn): 

  • Optimization of local project process (annual pitch, certificate, …)
  • Manage the national recruitment campaign by optimizing the evaluation and selection process with local secretaries
  • Optimize participants interface with the IT Manager
  • Define detailed & actionable marketing plan and execute national campaign with local boards
  • Digital Management: manage the national website and social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Vimeo)


The ideal candidate will have...

  • passion for Entrepreneurship and Project Management
  • interest in learning new skills and not afraid to get hands dirty
  • good English language skills, other language is a plus
  • team player with a sense of humor
  • no special technical skills but have desire to learn

We bieden aan

Depending upon profile & aspirations, the performant candidate could potentially turn into a key member of the team.

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