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Administrative /Marketing Assistant


Serge Withouck has worked as a professional translator and interpreter since 1998. Throughout his career, he has developed a network of copy editors and proofreaders with whom he collaborates, ensuring his customers have reliable access to the highest quality services. Withouck and his team specialize in legal and financial translations. They offer all-inclusive service for all types of translations and interpretations, in English, French, Dutch and Italian.

Their offices are located in the heart of Brussels, just steps from the Palace of Justice and other major European institutions. Withouck has a prestigious degree in Translation and Interpretation. He is an accredited translator and interpreter with the Belgian Chamber of Translators, Interpreters, and Philogists (CBTIP). In addition to being bilingual by birth in French and Dutch, he has lived and studied for extended periods in English and Italian speaking countries, fully immersing himself in foreign languages and their nuances. His network of copy editors and proofreaders is composed entirely of native speakers.

Modern technology and instant communications may make the world seem smaller, but it can still feel dauntingly vast and distant when it comes to communicating across the language barrier. To avoid potentially serious miscommunications, one must possess both mastery of the target language and a deep awareness of the cultural and legal context in which the language operates.That’s where Serge Withouck and his team truly excel.


Administrative/Marketing Assistant

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