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BNP Paribas

Associate at BNP Paribas European Public Affairs


The Brussels-based competence centre "European Public Affairs" (EPA) is part of the department "Public Affairs”.

EPA ensures the presence of BNP Paribas at the EU institutions, for the purpose of both collecting/analysing information and presenting group positions. EPA takes the lead on specified EU related topics and supports experts in the lead of other such topics. With regard to these topics, EPA also coordinates the relations of BNP Paribas with the public authorities of its main EU markets and with national and European trade associations.


The recent financial and economic crisis has provoked a multitude of regulatory initiatives at national, European and global level - relating i.a. to capital and liquidity requirements, crisis management, derivatives. These initiatives will set the regulatory environment for financial institutions for years to come.

The associate will get the opportunity to follow EU regulatory developments from up close, to see how BNP Paribas positions itself on these developments and how BNP Paribas presents its position to EU and national authorities and trade associations.

Learning objectives

To understand the impact of regulatory developments on a large cross-border financial institution.

To network effectively, both internally (business experts and senior management) and externally (EU institutions, trade associations).

To get familiar with the (economic, legal, political, social) rationale of key pieces of legislation.


Student at Master Level.

Excellent (written) communication skills, especially in English.

Strong synthetic skills.

Ability to distill core messages from expert input.

Sociable nature.

We bieden aan

Stage rémunéré: 7,50€/jour.

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