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Augmented-Reality Game Developer


So you think VR is cool ? Oh come on... 

Augmented-Reality + a cinema screen + 400 people playing like kids, now that's impressive and fun.

Check-it out: http://skemmi.com

At Skemmi we create live mass-interactive multimedia experiences for advertisers and event organizers, in order to improve impact, engagement, retention, and create fun.

Unlike classic communication tools, our solutions are short interactive games played on very big screens and targeted for live crowd experiences where each participant physically engages with the digital content.

Mixing gaming and crowd psychology we are able to create strong identity fusion, empowerment and positive emotions. Moments that will be remembered!


As an intern you will be fully integrated with the team, involved in the creative process and will actively take part in the production of new interactive augmented-reality experiences. Your tasks will include:

  • Game Development,
  • Gameplay Design,
  • Gameplay Prototyping
  • Assets Integration,
  • Rendering and shaders

The involved activities will be diverse and challenging, including (based on your interests) artificial intelligence, lighting, signal processing, physics simulation, etc.

Apply now! Send a mail to internships at skemmi.com


  • You are completing a degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Game Development / etc.
  • You are passionate and  eager to learn
  • You are a fast-learner and creative
  • You know Unity3D, C# and Photoshop
  • Shaders programming is a big plus
  • Any of the following is a plus: HTML5, Javascript, NodeJS, 3ds Max, Maya, Blender
  • You are passionate about innovation
  • You are fluent in French and English.

Apply now! Send a mail to internships at skemmi.com

We bieden aan

We are a startup, so don't be scared by the job description. If you are talented and passionate, we should work together.

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