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Back-end developer


Vectera redefines video conferencing for inside sales and customer success teams.

We firmly believe that every interaction with clients matters. The B2B client is educated and demanding. Delivering a branded, flawless experience for the end client is extremely important.

Vectera hosts video conference rooms for each of your clients. All communication and shared content between you and the client is stored and always available. For you, your client and your team.

We further believe that automating boring tasks is never a bad idea. Vectera integrates with your meeting scheduling apps and crm.


During your internship at Vectera, you will be introduced into the world of videoconferencing where your developing skills will be put to the test by our CTO and Vectera team.

Creating new features and integrations for Vectera is not easy. Not only because we expect a high level of punctuality and quality, but also because our clients demand the same thing.

Are you capable of writing high-quality code? Are you eager to know what it feels like to be part of a vibrant start-up where hard work is rewarded?

Then search no more. During your internship at Vectera, you might be working on integrations with world’s most frequently used CRMs, scheduling apps, content generators or even recording.

Eager to find out what projects we have in store for you? Get in touch through email or at vectera.com!


Since Vectera delivers a high-end service, we're looking for high-end profiles:

  • You are motivated and eager to learn
  • You are a perfectionist and pay attention to detail
  • You have solid experience with Python
  • Experience with a web framework is a plus (especially if it's Django!)
  • You are in the later stages of your media or ICT studies (BASc., BSc. or MSc.)
  • You can find a balance between fun and professionalism
  • You are fluent in Dutch or English

We bieden aan

Vectera is situated at the booming Dok-Noord site in Ghent. This makes it possible to offer you:

  • An exciting internship with a great balance between hard work and play
  • Room for own initiative and opportunity to make a difference every day
  • Insights in a start-up environment
  • Prospect of continued employment if successful
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