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Business Development / Marketing / Innovation (Partially paid)


Industrialized IoT solutions:
Our company is dedicated to helping start-ups and larger companies build industrialized sensor solutions.
For us, Industrialized = Low cost and reliable solutions.

Our team is a mostly technical (3 PhDs and 3 Masters in Engineering) Members of our team have successfully built 8 companies in 6 countries.​

Interested in learning how a start-up runs and how great products are built from idea to an industrialized product ? This might be the perfect start for you...


We are developing 2 new products

Brighter Bins: A new and better way for cities to track municipal garbage and plan garbage pick-ups

Forever Phone: A patent pending solution to extend phone battery lives by 300-500%

We are looking for someone that can help in all aspects of the product development

Your work would include

  • Product marketing
  • Website design
  • Social media
  • Market Research

What you would learn during your internship

  • Lean Product Development
  • Scrum Project Management
  • And all aspects of new product marketing


  • Your degree is not the most important thing, what we are looking for is someone with evergy and drive.
  • Experience in digital marketing / social media would be useful.
  • A desire to learn how to build new products and business is mandatory.

We bieden aan

Salary :  €400/ month

Plus you will get training from leading expert in marketing innovation / new product marketing

(Head Mentor European Innovation Academy, Director the Founder Institute , Professor KU Lueven and Solvay)

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