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Communication Manager Online/Offline Marketing 3D Studio


OneBonsai is the Emerging Technology Service Provider. We offer solutions to enterprises in healthcare, manufacturing, defense, retail and more using the latest of the greatest technologies. We design solutions in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, using Artificial Intelligence and IoT. 

We are passionate about making a change in how healthcare is being done, how manufacturing can be made safer and more efficient and how events can be organized better. 

We work with talented people in different fields to offer custom solutions using lean and design thinking methodologies. 

View our website: https://onebonsai.com


You will be responsible for executing the marketing plan of our company as well as giving input on where to find improvements in our current strategy. As we are working for a variety of clients in a lot of different industries, it is a challenge to reach these prospective clients in an efficient way. 

We have plenty of strategies which can be implemented, but not the time to set ourselves to it. You will help us execute our strategy.


People with background in business and/or marketing, able to work independently and think out of the box. You will be given a lot of freedom to achieve your goals. 

As most of our clients are international, good written and oral English skills are required and will be tested.

We bieden aan

  • A challenging, fast changing learning environment, focused on emerging technologies
  • Work on projects that actually matter: healthcare, industrial safety, new innovations, …
  • Work on a variety of subjects
  • Ambitious short and medium term goals
  • Work with the latest technologies, experiment and find new innovative solutions

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